Founder & Editor in Chief -                               Dr. Baharak Sedigh, Psy.D., M.A.

I'm a researcher at heart and always curious about the human condition! My degrees in psychology have taught me a great deal, but the greatest lessons have come from living across different cultures, and seeing the world through different eyes. Generally, I have a love for travel and the arts. And anything that makes me laugh. I'm usually in pursuit of the next book or article to fall in love with...


Senior Correspondent - Dominique McGhee

I am a Houston based freelance writer who loves to live life for a living and I feel most at home when I'm near the beach. I believe that food has a unique way of connecting people and bridging gaps. My love for creating and sharing new experiences with others has led to some of my most memorable moments in life. I'm excited to share my passions with the subscribers of The B. Quarterly, and hope to learn more about them in return. Champagne is my drink of choice. 


Senior Correspondent - Cynthia Malone, B.A.

I hold a degree in Psychology and am currently working towards becoming certified in Life Coaching. I enjoy traveling, especially to the Cote d' Azur, enjoy cooking and discovering new chefs, devouring books as much as I do food, enjoying a good bottle of wine and photography when time allows. I've been fortunate enough to live abroad and that experience has taught me the most about different cultures and people and I like to bring that into my writing whenever possible.

daniel sher.jpg

Contributing Editor - Daniel Sher, M.A.

I am a Clinical Psychologist, living and practicing in the beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa. Within the sphere of psychology, my interests include psychodynamic psychotherapy, behavioral interventions for people with diabetes (and other chronic conditions), and neuropsychoanalysis. Outside of the consulting room, I'm most at home when hiking, surfing, meditating, practicing martial arts or listening to experimental techno. I am also of the firm belief that good coffee is a basic human right.


Contributing Editor - Paula H. Cookson, LCSW

I'm a psychotherapist and freelance writer living in Maine. I work in a busy medical practice as a generalist practitioner. Like any good Mainiac I enjoy camping, kayaking and going to beaches and especially enjoying time with family.

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Senior Writer - M.K. Angeles

I am from the marshlands surrounding New Orleans. I enjoy writing about people, art, and interesting ways of life.

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Senior Writer - GinaMarie Guarino, LMHC

I am a licensed mental health counselor with a background in substance abuse, anxiety, depression, and personality disorders. I am a distance counselor, which means I provide online counseling services to clients all over the globe. This gives me the freedom to enjoy one of my favorite hobbies: travel. I love to experience different cultures, and have had the fortune to visit 11 different countries. I have spent the last few years combining my passion for mental health with my love of writing to spread awareness about mental wellness, psychology, and the many ways to live happily. I very much enjoy contributing my insights to The B. Quarterly and I look forward to growing with all of you!