All beings, and all things, have a story to tell. Each saddled with a unique set of circumstances and plot twists, but all attached at their core by the commonality of their existence. And all of us-people, planets, animals, and trees-are busy trying to figure out our subjective evolution in contrast to what chaos, chance, and existence seem to want!

Granted we, humans, have come a long way. We eventually gave up caves, conquered mountains, learned to fly and even found a way to live in space. Currently, we are well on our way to reaching other planets. We have advanced our collective knowledge, extended overall wellness, and though at times it may not feel like it... we have achieved the impossible. We have extended life well beyond what our ancestors could have ever even imagined.

But we have added more than just years and things to our lives—we have added new dimensions. A digital and mobile world creating bridges and connections where before only distance existed. In this hyphenated-world, many of us now travel, work, live, and love across cultures, borders, and lifestyles.

My own life story has afforded me the chance to live across different continents, to speak multiple languages; while giving me the opportunity of knowing and loving people from all places and perspectives. And these great adventures have repeatedly taught me this: that we, fight as we might, will always have more in common than all the ways in which we differ.

The B. Quarterly is born of that belief; that beyond the great details of our stories, we are all connected in our existence and in ......all the ways in which we B.ehave!


                                                                               Dr. B.

                                                                                  Baharak Sedigh, PsyD, MA

                                                                                 FOUNDER & EDITOR IN CHIEF